Weight Loss Exercises for Women

There are several myths milling around the issue of weight loss in women but the truth is for full figured, obese or overweight women who want great weight loss workouts, there are particular  safe exercise routines that can help in losing those extra pounds, these weight loss exercises work very well with obese or moderately overweight women.

Overweight women need not run in order to lose a lot of weight, this is an exercise myth that has been around for a long time and which is not necessarily true. Truth is weight loss can occur in obese or moderately overweight women with even slower exercise routines, without any running.

Overweight women need to embrace a scientifically proven strategy for fat burning and weight loss known as high intensity interval training (HIIT). What may intimidate most overweight women is the word “intensity.” But women cannot burn a lot of fat and lose weight without intensity. It’s just impossible — unless a woman walks for eight hours straight. What’s good about HIIT is that the intensity lasts only 30 to 60 seconds.

By definition, high intensity lasts for very short periods. If the pace is sustainable, it’s not intense. Sustained paces do not trigger increased release of human growth hormone, which is a potent fat burner, far more effective than those fat blocking pills that are advertised to burn fat — and safer as well.

An overweight woman who normally uses an elliptical trainer or stationary bike shouldn’t bother with the setting that says “fat burning.” Instead, one should apply the following principle: Every 2-3 minutes, pedal as fast as possible with some pedal tension added in. Do this for 30-60 seconds, after which you should be very, very out of breath. Then, for 2-3 minutes, pedal easily to regroup. Then go back to the high intensity. Alternate such for just 30 minutes.

Women, whether obese, moderately overweight or healthy size, will need to figure out an RPM range and pedal tension that they can BARELY do for 30 to 60 seconds. If at the end of one minute, a woman feels she can continue with this increased intensity, then for the next intensity interval, go faster, and/or use an even stiffer pedal resistance.

Apply this concept to walking outdoors. Every 2-3 minutes, walk your fastest, preferably up a hill, for 30-60 seconds. Switch back and forth between easy walking and strenuous walking, for a total of just 30 minutes. You can go longer if you choose.

I recommend that walking be done outdoors so that women are not tempted to hold onto a treadmill. Virtually every obese or moderately overweight woman I have ever seen at a gym or exercise center holds their hands to the treadmill. This is not correct. If walking outdoors is not possible, use your gym’s track or the perimeter wall even a gym’s basketball court works.(If you need to use an incline to get intensity, then go for the treadmill. But pump your arms rather than hold to the rails.) You can easily count the seconds of the intensity portions; they need not be precisely 30 seconds or precisely 60 seconds. Further, an individual should be able to estimate when approximately two minutes have passed for the easy pacing portion.

Last but not least lift weights. Tight, toned muscles take up less space and look trimmer than sagging, flabby loose muscles. Worked muscles eat up fat for energy. As lean muscle mass increases, an obese woman will LOSE FAT. The net result is a smaller body. This is why the majority of women who spend a lot of time lifting weights are on the leaner side; while you’ll notice that many of the women who do only cardio are obese or moderately overweight.

Rapid weight loss

Today every body want attraction and it’s only possible when you have a smart and slim body. Fatness not only affects your appearance but also become one great reason of disease. Infect weight is also one of the type of diseases. So every body seems so hurry towards losing weight.

So actually rapidly weight loss is a process that contains exercise, and diet also for making you fit and slim. So you need some easy diet plan and few minutes exercise every day for rapidly losing weight. Some time exercises are not suits to your body. So here you also need to choose the right way of exercise. If walking can work for you so no need to go with other hard practices.

 Eating more fiber can also helpful for losing weight rapidly. Fried foods are also one of the reasons of heavy weight. So keep away from fried food for making yourself slim and smart. So you should go with grilled food. Water is also one of the most important needs of human body, that’s not only make your body skin fresh but also saves you from fatness. So for loosing weight on rapid basis or maintaining your body 8 glass of water is so important in a day.

Too much eating is also one of the reasons of heavy weight, as some people fond of eating. So the result is heavy weight. So its also one affective technique to lose weight on rapidly basis, that decrease the amount of carbohydrates we consumes every day. This will result rapid decrease in your weight. Fasting is also one of the tools which are commonly used by people for loosing weight on consistence basis. It’s just similar with reducing the amount of carbohydrates for your body. But here you really need to find out the right way which can helpful for you for loosing weight. So in this regard some time people use juice fasting which not only meets the requirement of calories but also helpful for maintaining your body energy level by reducing weight on consistent basis. For loosing weight on rapid basis water fasting is also one the great and simple tool. People also use this technique. Simply just drink water all day long. Not only has meets energy level of your body but also you loosed weight. This method will become more affective for you when you add in water some quantity of lemon and honey and drinks it through out the day. Not only meets the requirement of your body but you loose the weight on consistent basis.

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